Mr.Howl is an Astronaut

and skin’s appalling petals—how inspired to be so Iying in the living room drunk naked and dreaming, in the absence of electricity… over and over eating the low root of the asphodel, gray fate…  View Larger

and skin’s appalling 
petals—how inspired 
to be so Iying in the living 
room drunk naked 
and dreaming, in the absence 
of electricity… 
over and over eating the low root 
of the asphodel, 
gray fate… 

I love your work. What are the steps you take when starting a piece? from Anonymous

Thank you so much!! For the big paintings I usually take some photographs of myself or the subject I want to paint or ask a friend to take some photographs if I can not take it by myself, from the photographs I make some sketches with watercolors or acrylics and finally I go to the canvas.
For the watercolors and pencil pieces everything is more dynamic. I chose many photographs from music and fashion magazines or from movies and start a composition using diferent photographs as a model mostly for the proportions or the hands or some features like that. It’s quite interesting because each piece it’s like an adventure you neves now how it’s gonna end :)

What do you use to draw and paint? from Anonymous

for drawing I mostly use watercolors, white pen and black ink or pencil depending on the drawing and for painting I almost always use oil painting :)